A Good Reputation is More Valuable Than Money

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March 2016
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Coming from the purest and finest of bloodlines, we breed and train our horses to be the champions they were born to be. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our horses, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Rocky Mountain / Kentucky Mountain, Walking and Racking horses. After which, rigorous training begins when the colts are ready, ingraining in them the love of the sport of competition. 
Chimney Top Stables, LLC has been the cornerstone in the Rocky Mountain Horse culture since the 1990's. By breeding and raising Rocky and Kentucky Mountain horses we focus on gait, conformation, and temperament, all of which these horses are known. 
Also, specializing in buying, selling and breading TN Walking and Racking horses. Chimney Top Stables, LLC takes great pride in our heritage and history, treating each foal and horse as if it will be the next one entering the winner's circle.

Winners don't just happen, it takes a well-bred, pure stock horse to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.

Breeding & Raising  horses.